The Ruskin House Album for Jail Guitar Doors

                  RT-B and Friends
Angel of Mercy - George Wilson
Marie Celeste - Paul Sirman
Weeping Willow Blues - John Scott-Cree  
Withered on the Vine  - Jenny Rae
Tarmac -  Robin Black                  
Morphine - Doug Field r        
Sirens - Dave & Gay Reay 
Three Legged Dog  - Les Elvin
21st Century Blues -Dave Foster & Geoff Curnow            

Cold Stone Walls -  RT-BT-B      

Raging Sea -  George Wilson            
Old Man of the Sea  - Paul Sirman
Playing with the Big Boys Now - John Scott-Cree
Ghosts on the Dance Floor  - Robin Black
 Thick around the Middle & Thin on Top - Doug Field
Don't Get Up  - Dave & Gay Reay
Closing Time  - Les Elvin
Drunk - Dave Foster & Geoff Curnow
Rosie on a Sunday - Clive Lever
John  - RT-B
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